Shell Retinax CS Chassis Lubrication Grease is a high performance grease specially designed for centralised grease lubrication systems in trucks.

A very high performance, semi-fluid, lead-free, lithium, extreme pressure grease, Retinax CS offers excellent mechanical stability and will operate comfortably at temperatures between -30°C - +120°C.

Other performance features include first-class corrosion protection and pumpability, combined with low water wash out and good load-carrying capabilities.

Please note that Shell Retinax CS grease is not suitable for the lubrication of wheel bearings.
Manufactured to Shell's high quality standards, Retinax EP is an excellent multifunctional grease, combining excellent anti-corrosion properties with water resistance and enduring performance at both high and low temperatures (-25°C - +120°C).

It has been proven to be a cost-effective - yet high-quality - extreme pressure grease for general lubrication in transport.

Retinax EP is particularly suited to wheel bearing, chassis and transmission joints.
Retinax HDX Special Fifth-Wheel Grease is a formulation of Retinax HD that is ideal for fifth wheel and chassis lubrication.

Based on a formulation of Retinax HD, it contains a molybdenum disulphide additive, making it ideal for fifth-wheel and chassis lubrication and offering enhanced protection and extended regreasing periods.

Please note that Shell Retinax HDX greases are not suitable for the lubrication of wheel bearings.